Weekend recap: Baseball and Pride

July 9, 2018

2018 Victoria Pride parade

MoveUP family enjoying Vancouver Canadians baseball gameThe weekend of July 7 & 8 was full of fun and meaningful activities for our members and their families.

On Saturday, July 7, members and their families enjoyed a night out at the Vancouver Canadians baseball where they enjoyed great company including President David Black, Secretary-Treasurer Lori Mayhew and a number of MoveUP staff, great food, a spectacular fireworks show, and a 7-3 win for the home team over the visiting Spokane Indians.

Thank you to our Events & Social Planning Committee for organizing, and our on-site coordinators including executive councillor Tania Busch, and staff members Kat Prinz and Kim Chartier.

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On Sunday, July 8, MoveUP members and their families participated in the annual Victoria Pride Parade celebrating, but also protesting for, the rights of the LGBTQ2S+ community as well as our shared values of inclusivity, equality, fairness, dignity and respect. Members and their families were joined in the march by President David Black, vice-presidents Annette Toth and Christy Slusarenko, executive board member Gunter Seifert as well as a number of MoveUP staff and members of USW 2009 who participated with us in our joint display.

Thank you to the Human Rights & Multicultural Committee for organizing and everybody involved for helping set up and marching!

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