Occupational Health & Safety

stethoscope cuff notebookIf members’ claims are denied by WorkSafeBC or there are issues with WCB claim management, the WCB Appeals Representative can review the claim, assess the merit of appealing and offer representation for the appeal.

Niki Schnurr is the Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Coordinator at MoveUP. The OH&S Coordinator advises the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) worker-reps on the roles, responsibilities and processes of the JHSC.

Niki has received training with senior lawyers practicing in the field of WCB appeals and has been representing injured workers with their WCB claim matters and appeals since 2015. She has dealt with issues including: claim acceptance, wage rates, wage loss benefits, vocational rehabilitation and pensions.

To learn more about MoveUP’s commitment to Occupational Health & Safety or to get involved, contact MoveUP and ask about being part of the Health & Safety Committee.


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