President and Table Officers

The Table Officers are part of the Executive Board and consist of the President, Secretary-Treasurer and three Vice-Presidents. As part of the Executive Board, they stand for election every three years.

The Table Officers represent the interests of all union members at discussions at Executive Board and Executive Council meetings on matters regarding administration policies and financial decisions of the union.

The President assigns all staff responsibilities, manages the union office, chairs meetings, and acts as the union’s representative to all outside organizations.

The Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for managing our union’s finances

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Photo of Graeme Hutchison

Graeme Hutchison


Photo of Lori Mayhew

Lori Mayhew


Photo of Rysa Kronebusch

Rysa Kronebusch


Photo of Christy Slusarenko

Christy Slusarenko


Photo of Annette Toth

Annette Toth