Professional and administrative support staff, including union representatives, are employed in the union office. To find your union representative, visit Your Workplace. Please keep in mind that your first point of contact at your workplace should always be your Job Steward. See below for the staff directory. Click on each name for job title and contact information.

Director, Executive Administration:

Administrative Assistant, Executive:

Director, Communications:

Communications Officers:

Research Officer:

Director, Finance:

Financial Staff:

Director, Operations:

Arbitration Representative:

Senior Union Representatives:

Union Representatives:

Workers Compensation Appeals Representative:

Job Evaluation Appeals Representative

Health & Welfare Trust Administrator:


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Administrative Work Leader:

Administrative Support Staff:

The Administrative Support Staff are responsible for ensuring membership, steward and councilllor addresses and phone lists are up-to-date, recording information on grievance files, advising members about meetings, ensuring that union officers have appropriate forms, bulletins and union booklets to perform their duties.