Constitution, Bylaws & Policies




Resource Description Last Revised or Verified
MoveUP Constitution The overall objectives of our union – everything from how dues are allocated to election rules to the duties of union officers. April 2021
MoveUP Bylaws The nuts-and-bolts for the government of our members and the regulation of MoveUP affairs. May 2021
Members’ Bill of Rights Outlining the rights and responsibilities of MoveUP members. June 2021
Bullying & Harassment Policy MoveUP believes in promoting an environment that is free of bullying and harassment and seeks to create an atmosphere free from all forms of discrimination at MoveUP events and functions. October 2021
Seniority Reinstatement Policy MoveUP’s definition of seniority based on continuous employment, and exceptions. September 2016
Seniority – Mergers Policy MoveUP’s policy on how seniority will be recognized, and names integrated into existing certifications at MoveUP. October 2021
Privacy Policy MoveUP’s policy of collection and use of personal information authorized under the Personal Information Protection Act. February 2018
Member and Employee Claims Policy MoveUP’s policy for member reimbursement for expenses incurred while on authorized union business. February 2019
Climate Action for the Energy Sector Policy MoveUP’s policy addressing actors in the energy sector, including BC Hydro, the FortisBC gas and electric utilities, and their regulator. December 2020
Safety Plan MoveUP’s safety protocols established due to the COVID-19 pandemic as required by provincial health guidelines. March 2021


MoveUP members can find a full list of all policies by logging on to the Member Portal.