Our People

MoveUP members on Labour Day at The Fair 2018Our people are our strength. Our union is comprised of our Executive Board (including the President and Table Officers), Executive Council, Job Stewards and you, our members.

In addition, we have an administrative and professional staff which includes union representatives.

President and Table Officers

The Table Officers are part of the Executive Board and consist of the President, Secretary-Treasurer and three Vice-Presidents. As part of the Executive Board, they stand for election every three years.

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Executive Board

The Executive Board is made up of 17 members, including the Table Officers. The Board is the executive management body of our union and meets monthly to discuss administrative and operational issues. The Board reports to the Executive Council on policy and financial matters.

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Executive Council

The Executive Council is the senior policy making body of our union. Executive Council members are responsible for policy issues, the annual budget, and all major financial decisions. There is one Executive Councillor for every 80-100 members. There is a minimum of five council meetings each year.

Councillors bring forward suggestions from job stewards and members on the ways the union can improve its policies and services to the members. These issues are debated at council meetings. Councillors also act as chief job stewards by recruiting and advising job stewards in their constituency.

Job Stewards

A Job Steward is a spokesperson for our union at your workplace and the first point of contact for a member when they have an issue at the workplace.


MoveUP represents more than 12,000 union members at public and private sector companies in Western Canada. We encourage our members to be involved and active in union matters. Make sure you keep your information as updated as possible by signing into the Member Portal.

New members can also read the Member Orientation Handbook to learn more.


Professional and administrative support staff, including union representatives, are employed in the union office.

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