Job Steward Code of Conduct

Job Stewards are critical to the success of our union. They represent our members in many ways, from lending an ear to a member in distress to defending our members’ collectively bargained rights. Job Stewards are the face of our union in the workplace and community.

For these reasons and in addition to the Oath of Office, I as a MoveUP Job Steward acknowledge this Job Stewards Code of Conduct and agree to adhere to its intent by:

  • Representing the members of this union equally, fairly, and to the best of my ability.
  • Treating all members with respect and handle all situations without prejudice, bias or discrimination. I will ensure my actions are reasonable for the situation. I further recognize that I must not be arbitrary in my dealings with members, nor act in bad faith.
  • Protecting our members’ right to privacy by dealing with all cases in a confidential manner.
  • Advocating for members who are victims of discrimination, bullying and harassment, while remaining unbiased to both the complainant and respondent during any investigation process.
  • Maintaining accurate records of meetings, cases, and grievances. I will submit all necessary records to our union’s office in a timely manner, or when our Union Representatives or Officers request them.
  • Seeking guidance from a Union Representative whenever I am uncertain of my duties, roles, responsibilities, or when I need advice on how to respond to difficult situations in my workplace.
  • Conducting myself in a professional and courteous manner that reflects well on our organization during union-related functions or events, and will work in accordance to the Constitution, by-laws and policies set by MoveUP and our national union, COPE/SEPB.
  • Making reasonable efforts to attend educational opportunities, job steward meetings, and general membership meetings that MoveUP schedules to the best of my availability and ability. As I grow in my role as a Job Steward, I will mentor and support new Job Stewards so that, together, we can better support the members of our union.
  • Supporting and promoting the Mission, Vision, and Values of MoveUP.
  • Sharing my knowledge and understanding of my workplace collective agreement with members, should they inquire if I am unsure of the answer, I will check with my fellow Job Stewards, Union Representatives or Local Officers to ensure my understanding is accurate.
  • Working with other Job Stewards in my workplace to ensure our members are informed on current union activities, campaigns, and causes.
  • Sharing the load with my fellow job stewards and helping to make sure no one is overburdened.

By filling out the fields below and submitting the form, you are acknowledging that you will adhere to the Job Steward Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct will be in effect for the duration of the Job Steward term in which it is signed, or until the Job Steward resigns, whichever comes first.

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