Oath of Office

“I do hereby sincerely pledge my word and honour to perform the duties assigned to me in the Local Union Constitution and Bylaws, to the best of my ability and with complete good faith to support, advance and carry out all official policies of the Local Union and to promote a harassment and discrimination-free environment. I will at all times devote my efforts to further the aims, objectives and best interests of the Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union. I will also surrender all books, papers, electronic data and other property of the Local Union in my possession to my successor in office.”

Job Stewards: Make sure you also sign the Code of Conduct.

By filling out the fields below and submitting the form, you are acknowledging that you will adhere to the MoveUP Oath of Office. This Oath of Office will be in effect for the duration of the term in which it is signed, or until the elected official resigns, whichever comes first.

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