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Congratulations! You have taken the first step towards creating a better work environment for you and your fellow co-workers.

To join MoveUP, the first thing you will need to do is contact the MoveUP office at 604-299-0378 or 1-800-665-6838, or email Once you contact us, a union organizer will start working with you. All your information will be kept strictly confidential.

You should be prepared to provide information about your workplace’s structure – such as approximate number of staff and departments – and gather an inside committee that can take on a leadership role in organizing a union. At some point, your co-workers must be prepared to sign MoveUP membership card.

We treat all inquiries with the strictest of confidentiality. Your name, phone number, and/or email address are never shared. That’s a guarantee.


No. When you start the process of joining a union, your job is protected. People join unions to get more job security. Every worker in B.C. has the right to join a union and you cannot be fired for doing so. The law is on your side.

When you begin the process of forming a union, you become protected by the BC Labour Code – the law that governs union members in B.C. Under the Labour Code, you can only be fired for just cause (i.e. only if they can provide a valid reason).

During a unionizing drive, employers would be required to prove to the Labour Board the reason why someone is let go in order to ensure they do not try to fire people simply for supporting the union.

No. Joining a union is 100% confidential. Neither MoveUP nor the Labour Board will ever tell your employer you signed a card to join the union.

No. One of the reasons people join unions is because it gives them a say in how their workplace runs. MoveUP workers set industry standards for productivity at workplaces such as BC Hydro, Canadian Freightways, and credit unions. You will help us negotiate a first agreement that will work best for you and your co-workers’ unique situation.

For example, when the workers Yellow Pages Group joined MoveUP, they wanted to maintain commission sales structures in order to encourage performance. Their first agreement reflected that, but also made sure their overall working structures were fairer

No. We know you are the best judges of what improvements you need in your workplace. When contract negotiations begin, employees will be surveyed as to their priorities, and you will select co-workers to represent you in negotiations along with a staff representative from MoveUP. When your bargaining committee makes a recommendation to accept a contract they feel improves your working conditions, you and your co-workers vote by secret ballot on whether to accept or reject it.

MoveUP dues are 1.5% of your gross pay. Our dues are lower than many other unions.

It does not cost you anything to find out what becoming a member of MoveUP can do for you.

No dues are collected until MoveUP and your bargaining committee negotiate a contract with your employer that is acceptable to you and your co-workers, and you have voted on it by secret ballot.

This means as soon as you and your co-workers vote to join the union, negotiations will begin. You pay nothing until MoveUP delivers a contract that you and your co-workers feel is a significant improvement over what you have now.

And because MoveUP is a democratic, not-for-profit organization, any dues you pay are 100% tax deductible.

 No. It is illegal for an employer to close down simply because a group of employees decide to join a union.

No. You and your co-workers are the only ones who have the power to decide if you go on strike as part of the collective bargaining. Before that happens, you and your co-workers have to vote by secret ballot on whether you think strike action is necessary. MoveUP negotiates several collective agreements each year and very few of our negotiations have involved full strike action.

What the union proposes will go in your first collective agreement is based on priorities that you and your co-workers determine. Some examples of common contract clauses MoveUP has bargained for include:

  • Fair wage rates
  • Improvements to benefits (pension, dental, extended health, group life, etc.)
  • Job security
  • Job opportunities
  • Fair overtime pay and procedures
  • Flex time
  • Improvements to vacation allocations and procedures
  • Sick leave with pay
  • Protection from workplace harassment
  • Protection against unjust discipline or firing without just cause
  • Seniority rights (layoff and recall procedures)
  • Enforcement of safety regulations on the job
  • Grievance procedures if your employer violates your contract
  • Improvements to special leaves of absence such as for elder/child care, parental leave, or bereavement leave
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