Why Join MoveUP?

You deserve someone on your side. MoveUP can help you and your fellow workers get fair wages, benefits and job protection, and eliminate discrimination, harassment and intimidation in the workplace.

  • I am not getting fair wages for my industry.
  • I haven’t had a raise for a very long time.
  • The company is doing really well but employees are not sharing in the profits.
  • I feel insecure in my job even though I am a good worker. There are too many layoffs/firings for no good reason.
  • I am in a dead-end job with no chance for advancement.
  • My benefits (pension, health care, sick leave) have not improved in years (or I don’t have any benefits at all).
  • There is too much favouritism in my workplace.
  • I am not sure my workplace is a safe place to be. There are workplace hazards the employer refuses to address.

  • Fair wage rates
  • Improvements to benefits (pension, dental, extended health, group life, etc.)
  • Job security and job opportunities
  • Fair overtime and procedures
  • Flex time
  • Improvements to vacation allocations and procedures
  • Sick leave with pay
  • Protection with workplace harassment

Whether it’s advocating for human rights issues such as those for the LGBTQ2S+ community or transgender rights, supporting survivors and standing against violence against women, or running campaigns to highlight the importance of our services like public power and public car insurance, our union has a strong history of standing up for our members and our communities. Learn more about our campaigns here.


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