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BC Hydro provides power to fuel economic growth in British Columbia. Its primary business activities are generating and distributing electricity. MoveUP has represented employees at BC Hydro since 1962 and with its predecessor, The BC Electric Company, since 1955.


ABSBC Repatriation to BC Hydro

BC Hydro is bringing the work it outsourced to Accenture Business Services BC (ABSBC) back into the utility. This is the right move for our members at BC Hydro and ABSBC, and for the overall health and stability of the company.

In 2002 BC Hydro outsourced services considered outside its primary business of generating and delivering electricity. This resulted in a third of our members at BC Hydro going from BC Hydro to ABSBC effective April 1, 2003.

BC Hydro advised us the business environment has changed, and in keeping with their focus on employees being accountable for customer service, they wanted to explore how to they could perform these services internally.

As part of exploring all options, the utility approached us under the condition of confidentiality to explore bringing most of ABSBC’s operations and employees back into BC Hydro.

Our members at both BC Hydro and ABSBC have been clear with us that their preference would be a repatriated utility. With that in mind, we began these discussions.

We’ve negotiated the best possible repatriation for our members at BC Hydro and ABSBC, and are glad to see the utility made whole. We firmly believe this is the best outcome for our members and their careers, as well as BC Hydro’s customers.

For questions regarding repatriation email to the following addresses:

BC Hydro: ABStransition@bchydro.com

Accenture: BCHydroAccount@accenture.com

MoveUP: repatriation@moveuptogether.ca

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