The Union For Credit Unions

You work hard to deliver exceptional member experiences. We have that in common.
You deserve fair representation, greater compensation, and better work-life balance for the work that you do.

Union sign being installed onto credit union building with a person in a hard hat on the side

By joining our union, we can make that happen together. Let’s put the union back into credit unions.

Our Members

Why Join Us

Increase Wages & Retirement Dignity

We are experiencing the highest inflation in our recent history. Our representatives conduct comprehensive bargaining preparation so that we can negotiate dignified, fairly distributed wages and annual wage increases. We understand how important it is to build up your retirement savings in your career. We help you plan for retirement and negotiate plans that support you.

Better Working Conditions

We negotiate for improvements in terms and conditions. The process is democratic, so you can vote on changes to your working conditions. The employer is bound by law to negotiate and follow the terms of the collective agreement.

Greater Benefits

Your health is a significant part of your wealth. We negotiate increased paid time off for your work-life balance, and coverage for your health care needs.

Union Dues Working For You

Union dues are 1.5 % of your compensation. The amount of union dues eligible to be claimed as a tax deduction is on your T4 slip. You can claim dues related to your employment paid by you, or paid on your behalf, that were included as part of your income during the year. Your union dues go toward representation, negotiation, and education.

What Our Members Say