Thank you David, Lori and Graeme

June 23, 2022

Graeme Hutchison and Lori Mayhew posing for a photo

On behalf of all of us at MoveUP, we want to thank David Black for an amazing 10 years of service to our union. David’s retirement certainly will be well-deserved, but we won’t let him get away just yet. Lori Mayhew will be stepping into the role as president which will give our union strong continuity. Lori’s experience is extensive as she has served as the secretary-treasurer of MoveUP for 23 years.

We are also happy to welcome Graeme Hutchison, who has been an important part of the MoveUP executive board. Graeme is a member from Community Savings Credit Union and he will take on the position of Secretary-Treasurer.

Please welcome them both as they step into their new roles.