2021 MoveUP Convention – Day 3 Recap

October 30, 2021

There was a lot of anticipation and excitement for the start of the final day of Convention with the announcement of the vice-president election result for the Utilities component beginning the day.

Utilities VP Election Result

Congratulations to Rysa Kronebusch, who was successfully re-elected as Vice-President, Utilities for the term ending Fall 2024. Learn more here.

Brenda Rovner – Lifetime Honourary Member

Emotions continued to run high as the late Brenda Rovner, a very passionate union activist from Capilano University who passed away in September 2020, was posthumously awarded a Lifetime Honourary Membership to our union. Read more about Brenda here.

Mexican Senator Napoleón Gómez

Also featured on the final day was a video message from Mexican Senator Napoleón Gómez.

Senator Gómez’s message talked about returning to Mexico after a long exile where he spent 12 years in Vancouver and continuing to fight for the rights of workers in his home country now as a senator working with Mexico’s president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, while fighting the corruption and greed of big companies. Watch Senator Gómez’s address below.

You can watch Senator Gomez’s speech, along with the accompanying presentation, here.


Resolution debates continued on the final day. The following resolutions were passed at Convention on Day 3:

Amended C2 – Constitution 9.6 – Dues

C26 – Constitution 6.2 and new 5.2(k)

C16 – Bylaw 3C (Voting) and 3D (Mail & Electronic Ballots)

C17 – Constitution Article 11 – Voting and Balloting Procedure

C18 – Bylaw 3D – Mail and Electronic Ballots

C19 – Constitution Article 4 – Executive Board

C20 – Constitution 6.2(g) – Duties of Executive Board

C21 – Constitution Article 7 – Executive Council

C22 – Constitution 7.4 – Duties of Executive Council

C23 – Constitution 8.2 – Election of Job Stewards

C27 – Constitution 4.3(e)

C28 – Constitution 7.2(b)(iii)

C29 – Constitution 13.4

C30 – Constitution 10.7(c)(iii)

HR2 – Ending Femicide

HR3 – Ending the Blood Ban

HR4 – Acknowledging Systemic Racism in the Labour Movement

HS3 – Decriminalize Sex Work

R4 – Food Insecurity

R15 – Systemic Racism

HS1 – Psychological Trauma

The following resolutions were referred back to the committee:

R14 – Election of Vice President Combined

R1 – Defunding the Police

All outstanding resolutions will be referred to the executive council.

To see the full text of all resolutions, click here. Click here for Amended Resolution C2.

Visit our 2021 Convention page for more information.