MoveUP statement on Opposition Leader’s comments regarding domestic violence

February 12, 2020

MoveUP statement on B.C. Opposition Leader Andrew Wilkinson’s comments regarding domestic violence:

The comments made by B.C. Opposition Leader Andrew Wilkinson downplaying the severity of being a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault as simply being “in a tough marriage” are disturbing and hurtful.

We know that sexual and domestic violence has a serious psychological and physical impact on those who have experienced it, and when these situations occur the effects are not only isolated to those directly involved but affects our community as well.

All leaders, regardless of their political affiliation, should stand with those most vulnerable, not trivialize their trauma and further marginalize them.

We are supportive of the B.C. government’s commitment to providing paid leave for workers experiencing domestic and sexual violence.

We know that one in three women in B.C. will experience sexual or domestic violence in their lifetime, and that having this leave can help save lives.

Our union has had the fortune of working with progressive employers who have gone even further above and beyond, such as Community Savings Credit Union who took the initiative of signing into the collective agreement a grant of 10 days of paid leave for employees to deal with issues related to domestic violence.

We hope that Mr. Wilkinson takes this opportunity to reflect on his harmful words and make a commitment to stand in support of survivors of sexual and domestic violence, not against them.