Brian Martens elected to Executive Board

March 1, 2021

MoveUP welcomes Brian Martens back to the Executive Board, following his successful by-election victory, representing the ICBC group.

The term position runs through to Fall 2021.

Brian first became a MoveUP member in 2006 when he joined ICBC and quickly became a job steward and workplace leader shortly thereafter. He has served our union as an Executive Councillor, and as a member of the Executive Board previously.

Brian has been a leader when it comes to promoting occupational health & safety and is a frequent facilitator for the BC Federation of Labour Health & Safety Centre. He has also spent time working at the MoveUP office as a union representative.

Brian was the recipient of the 2019 Ardell Brophy Award.

As 2021 is the year of an Executive Board election, per MoveUP’s Constitution, the position was filled by an election of an Executive Councillor from within the unit who was elected by members of the Executive Council from the unit.

An election was held at the Executive Council meeting on March 1, 2021 to replace the position left vacant by the resignation of Melissa Maher.