Voices from the Dollar Thrifty Picket Line

July 23, 2013

On Friday, July 19, the Dollar Thrifty picket line at the Vancouver International Airport was a little busier and a little thicker than usual. MoveUP Stewards and Executive Councillors from Coast Mountain Bus joined their Dollar Thrifty sisters and brothers on the line to remind customers not to rent cars from Dollar Thrifty.

Eric from CMBC said, “We’re out here to support them. It’s important that we join them in solidarity.”

“We want fairness and equal treatment,” said Dollar Thrifty employee Sunil. “Hertz owns Dollar Thrifty but we’re paid less and our benefits aren’t at the same standard as Hertz workers.”

It wasn’t just other MoveUP members who came down to support the picket line. Peter, a retired HEU member, joined the picket line to help the Dollar Thrifty workers fight for fair pay. “We’ve done a good job,” said Peter, smiling. “Most people haven’t crossed the [picket] line. We tell them what’s going on and they’re happy to take their business elsewhere.”

MoveUP members at Dollar Thrifty employees have been on strike since July 5.