Unanimous Resolution Passed at Council Calling for Inquiry into BC Rail Scandal

October 25, 2010

At the October 25th Council meeting, the assembled MoveUP councillors voted unanimously in support of a resolution demanding the BC government call an inquiry into the of BC Rail scandal.

Council agreed an inquiry is desperately needed to answer the stunning breadth of open-ended questions which directly impact the public good.

The full resolution is below:

Because the BC Rail scandal has created many questions that have not been answered, namely:

  • Were David Basi and Bob Virk acting under instructions from the BC Liberal Government as they said?
  • Did the Liberal Party of BC or Liberal MLAs receive any kickbacks that have not been disclosed?
  • Who authorized the plea bargain deal with David Basi and Bob Virk? Were Liberal Cabinet Ministers and/or Gordon Campbell involved?
  • Which Cabinet Ministers authorized, against government policy, the indemnification of David Basi and Bob Virk’s legal bills?
  • Why was the decision made not to try and recover costs from David Basi and Bob Virk despite the fact that government already held some of their assets?

Therefore be it resolved that MoveUP demand that the BC Government call an inquiry into this matter so that the public interest can be served and all information be made public around this scandal.

Therefore be it further resolved that the BC Federation of Labour support this call for an inquiry into the BC Rail scandal.

MoveUP’s Council is the governing body of the union between conventions.