The Fightin’ 400 — Seeking a Just Transition

April 6, 2011

THE FIGHTIN’ 400: “Please, Ms. Clark, we’d like to meet with you before we lose our jobs”

Group sends bouquet of spring flowers to Premier

BC Hydro meter-readers today released a letter delivered to Premier Christy Clark, offering their congratulations on her leadership victory, and requesting a meeting to discuss looming job losses as a result of the government’s $1 billion smart meter program.

Dubbing themselves “The Fightin’ 400,” the meter-readers say they strongly support two main planks of Ms. Clark’s leadership platform: families and job creation.

“We’re actually not interested in fighting with you, Madame Premier,” wrote Jaret Homenuk, and Thomas Ma, two lower mainland BC Hydro meter-readers and founding members of the “Fightin’ 400.”

“We just want to let you know about the impending loss of 387 jobs at BC Hydro, and to ask for your assistance in making a just transition to a new, green economy.”

BC’s Clean Energy Act, enacted by the legislature in 2010, commits BC Hydro to the installation of smart meters at every home and business by the end of 2012.

The soon-to-be-unemployed meter readers formed The Fightin’ 400 to draw attention to their plight, and request assistance in finding new positions, obtaining skills upgrading, or other positive solutions.

“We chose our name, not because we want to fight, but as a reference to Stephen Colbert’s Better Know a District segment on his television show, The Colbert Report,” Homenuk and Ma explained. “Our situation is dire, but we wanted to take a light-hearted, rather than heavy-handed, approach to requesting a dialogue with our new Premier.”

To demonstrate their best wishes for the Premier, The Fightin’ 400 also sent a bouquet of spring flowers to Ms. Clark’s office.

Crocuses, daffodils and cherry blossoms are starting to grow along the meter readers routes in many parts of British Columbia.


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