TAKE BACK THE POWER takes to the road

October 23, 2006

President Andy Ross and COPE Vice President, Gwenne Farrell take to the road this week to launch the union’s three-year campaign to take back BC’s power services and resources.

“Our aim is clear and powerful”, said Andy Ross as he launched the campaign today with a one month road trip to every corner of BC.

 We want BC’s energy resources to be:

  • Ours forever,
  • Available for when we need them,
  • Affordable for our families, and
  • Friendly to our environment.

And we want our kids to have the good paying jobs and careers we associate with working and living in British Columbia.”

MoveUP supported last week’s workshop on “selling out our rivers” and featuring SFU Professor and Citizens for Public Power founding director, John Calvert.

In conjunction with this week’s UBCM, the union will be supporting community groups as they raise the serious issue of the privatization of our run-of-the-river water power resources and the loss of control of local communites to have a say over their resources.