Supporting Quebec Students

June 12, 2012

MoveUP stands in solidarity with students and citizens of Quebec who refuse to let their province follow the destructive path of others in hiking tuition fees. Here in BC, rising tuition fees have meant the average graduating student faces a $27,000 debt load. BC also has the highest student loan interest rates and the worst system in the country in terms of non-repayable assistance.

So it’s no suprise that Quebeckers would protest attempts by their government to move their province along the same path. These attempts come at a time when it is universally recognized that ever higher levels of education and skills training are required for our economy today and in the future.

Affordable, accessible education is a key pillar of a fair and free society in which all have the ability to reach their full potential regardless of their socioeconomic background. Hiking tuition has turned post-secondary education in BC into a debt sentence for many students. Some are shut out altogether and will not be granted the same opportunities their parents had.

It is unacceptable for any government to lower access to college and university and it is unacceptable to argue that because every other province has chosen a policy that undermines public education and social equality, so too Quebec must follow.

We join our sisters and brothers across Canada in congratulating the students of Quebec for standing up for what is right, and we urge the government of Quebec to negotiate with the students to end the strike while keeping education accessible and affordable for all.