Support Staff and Students at Capilano University

May 9, 2013

If you’ve been paying attention to the news over the past couple of weeks you might have heard about Capilano University’s attempt to push through nearly $3 million in cuts without any consultation with the campus community and without waiting for the outcome of the provincial election. These cuts would eliminate entire programs and have long-ranging negative effects for staff, faculty and students. They would also break promises made, when Capilano University achieved its accreditation, to maintain services to surrounding communities and to not erode the unique creative programs offered.

MoveUP represents more than 300 workers at Capilano University and they need your support as they and the rest of the campus community pressure the Capilano University board and the Ministry of Advanced Education to halt the cuts. The university board will be voting on Tuesday, May the 14 and students, faculty and staff will be keeping the pressure on leading up to that.

One easy way you can help is by visiting and sending a message from your home email to tell the university’s board not to rush through these cuts. The site has been set up by the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators, which represents the Capilano Faculty Association, and with which MoveUP has been working closely around these issues. MoveUP will also be running a full-page ad in the North Shore News tomorrow, to direct members of the public to the website to add their voices.