Site C visit by President and VP of MoveUP

October 3, 2017

President David Black and VP Gwenne Farrell recently visited Site C to meet with MoveUP members, along with Union Reps Brad Bastien and Tony Geluch. About 56 members work on the project and many are concerned about their jobs and futures.  Some moved their families and entire lives to Fort St John, based on promises of prosperity by the previous government. Now their future is uncertain. 

The BC Utilities Commission is reviewing Site C’s financial viability and what the cost would be to ratepayers if it was cancelled, delayed or continued. Its final report to the NDP government is expected November 1.

BC Hydro has committed to finding our members other work, if Site C is cancelled.  However it most certainly won’t be in the Peace area, where our members have invested in their homes and communities.

President Black has strongly advocated that our members be taken care of, in the event the project is cancelled or delayed.  He recently gave a presentation at the BCUC public input session in which he described the human cost to our members, brought on by the uncertainty and possible cancellation.  Black was also interviewed on Global TV and News 1130 Radio about this issue. 

MoveUP will continue to advocate for members and we look forward to having more information, once the final BCUC report is made public.