Report from National Convention – Farrell Leaves Finances in Fine Shape

June 19, 2016

As befitting the pragmatic, responsible tenor of her term as National Secretary Treasurer, Gwenne Farrell’s final report to convention on Friday, June 17 focused on the nuts and bolts of COPE SEPB’s finances.

Farrell spoke with justifiable pride about COPE SEPB’s organizing program, which, despite some of the most unprecedented attacks witnessed to date from employers and governments, has allowed the locals to remain resilient.

Talking about the Strike and Lockout Benefit and Defence Fund, Farrell explained how it had started as a modest seed loan of $100,000 from the CAW. By the end of 2007 COPE SEPB had nearly $1.9 million in the fund. “Now, we have nearly $11 million,” said Farrell. “I give credit to our strong membership,” said Farrell, on how COPE SEPB grew the fund in only 12 years. “I’m proud of what we’ve done, and I look forward to it hitting $15 million. I ask all of you to commit that we stay sustainable and fiscally responsible through the future.”