National Day of Action in support of Tim Hortons’ workers

January 18, 2018

The BCFED’s Fight for 15 campaign and its partners are organizing two events as part of the Canadian Labour Congress’ National Day of Action in support of workers at Tim Hortons.

There will be an information leaflet and sign waving event at two Tim Hortons locations this Friday, January 19 – one in the morning in Surrey and the second in the afternoon in Vancouver. Details are below.

When Ontario’s government increased minimum wage to $14, Tim Hortons immediately eliminated workers’ paid breaks, reduced access to basic drug and dental benefits, eliminated uniform and drink allowances, and even cut employees’ hours of work. 

This wildly profitable multinational corporation is punishing low-wage workers for receiving fair wages.

In 2016, Tim Hortons generated US$3.00 billion in revenue for its parent company Restaurant Brands International(RBI). That same year RBI CEO Daniel Schwartz pocketed more than $6.6 million in wages, stock options and other perks. An additional US$350 million in profits were given out to shareholders.

It’s time to send Tim Hortons franchise owners and its parent company, RBI a strong message – we won’t let you bully workers. 

Members are encouraged to attend one of these events. If you cannot attend, please send a letter in support of workers to RBI CEO Daniel Schwartz by using the quick email tool here:

Event details:

Friday, January 19th

7 to 8 a.m: Tim Hortons at 96th Ave and King George Blvd., Surrey. Meet at the South West corner.

5 to 6 p.m.: Tim Hortons at 1st Ave and Commercial Drive, Vancouver. Meet at the North West corner.