MoveUP Wins at Canadian Awards Ceremony

May 21, 2010

The MoveUP Communications Team won two major awards at this year’s Canadian Association of Labour Media Awards, at a ceremony held this week in Windsor, Ontario.

MoveUP won in two categories:

BC Unions were well represented throughout the awards, with the Hospital Employees Union, BCGEU, and CUPE all taking in major media awards. The full list of awards can be viewed on the CALM website. Congratulations to all our colleagues from BC and across Canada who won awards this year.

Hydro Heist was produced by MoveUP during the 2009 provincial election as part of the union’s online campaign. The video was written and directed by Nathan Luisignan and Evan Crowe from Point Blank Creative, an independent Vancouver-based production company. The video received thousands of views when first released, and is still up on YouTube. Click here to view the video.

This was the first year in many that MoveUP entered the CALM awards, and was delighted to have received such a great showing among our peers, many of whom dwarf MoveUP in terms of membership.

Last year MoveUP also won an International Labor Media Association Award for Local Voice. The 2010 ILCA awards are awarded in the fall.