MoveUP Transit Security Workers Keep People Safe

April 14, 2023

Transit Security - Keeping People Safe

MoveUP, represents over 12,000 union members in both public and private sector companies, including representing Transit Security workers who work hard every day to keep people safe.

The recent media and public attention to security on our public transit system has a deeper story. “MoveUP members work daily to keep people safe on our transit system,” said Lori Mayhew, President of MoveUP. “MoveUP has a long history representing workers in the transit sector including our members at Coast Mountain Bus Company (CMBC) and TransLink.”

While a lot of attention is paid to the Transit Police, “MoveUP Transit Security workers are often the first on the scene when incidents happen,” said Christy Slusarenko, MoveUP Vice-President of Combined Units who represents these members. “When there is an unfortunate problem with an aggressive person it is MoveUP Transit Security who do the often-challenging work of removing people from transit.”

“MoveUP members play a vital safety role in keeping transit riders and bus drivers safe,” said Christy Slusarenko, MoveUP Vice-President of Combined Units. “Their jobs can be challenging and too often they get the brunt of an aggressive person on transit. They keep on working even though all too often they are spit on and face physical harm.” Slusarenko further commented that “MoveUP Transit Security workers also play a role in doing outreach in the community to be proactive and engage with community.”

“Lately we all have seen more violence occurring, it is a reminder that our transit system needs more of our MoveUP Transit Security workers. MoveUP Transit Security workers help prevent violence and when it happens, they are on the scene quickly to de-escalate. MoveUP Transit Security workers are often on the scene first and work with Transit Police when they need to be called,” said Slusarenko. There are 72 MoveUP Transit Security workers who cover very large transit areas.

“We are proud of our MoveUP members who serve as Transit Security workers, their work is vital to keeping our public transit systems safer for people and other workers,” said Lori Mayhew, President of MoveUP.