MoveUP Steward and Activist Named Cranbrook’s Citizen of the Year

December 15, 2011

Long-time ICBC job steward and former MoveUP Executive Board member Chris Ayling was named Cranbrook’s Citizen of the year by the Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce yesterday.

Chris was the chair of the committee which wrote Cranbrook’s Integrated Community Sustainability Plan, called the Cranbrook Connected plan. Chris worked tirelessly to lead the committee to a completed plan and has earned the gratitude of his community.

The committee ensured the plan was built on a solid foundation of intensive community consultation, numerous stakeholder meetings, information sessions, open houses and countless committee meetings. They worked hard to make sure the plan had clear vision and goals, and included practical steps to achieve the goals. Click here to read the plan.

Chris will be honoured at the Inaugural meeting of the Chamber on January 18th, 2012