MoveUP Receives Three National Awards

May 28, 2012

The Canadian Association of Labour Media held its annual awards dinner this past weekend and MoveUP took home three awards for its communications work in 2011.

CALM, which is an organization made up of about 300 unions across Canada, presents several awards recognizing excellence in union publications and productions. Entries are judged by independent experts in a range of categories and classes, including audio-visual, website, writing, and print publications. Volunteer-produced material is considered separately from staff-produced material.

There is one main prize for each category and judges are able to choose to award an additional honourable mention if they feel there is another strong nominee.

MoveUP received the Rosemarie Bahr award for Best Book for Finding our Power: Stories of the Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union, Local 378.

"The history book was a big project that has a lot of meaning for our union, so it’s really good to see that being recognized and to know that people in labour across Canada are learning about our history, " said Communications Director Sage Aaron.

COPE also took home two honourable mentions. The first was for our series of ICBC "Driving a New Mandate" videos, which were awarded in the category of Best A/V Production for Public Advocacy.

The second honourable mention was received in the category of Best Cyber-Union, which recognizes unions’ use of website architecture and overall online presence to serve members’ needs.

COPE Communications Representative Jarrah Hodge attended the CALM conference and was on hand to accept the awards. You can see the full list of 2011 CALM Awards here.