MoveUP Members at Kruger Products Unanimously Accept New Agreement

April 10, 2013

MoveUP members at Kruger Products voted unanimously to accept a new, improved collective agreement reached last week.

This new four year agreement brings significant improvement for members, including wage increases of two per cent starting June 1, 2014 and 2.5 per cent starting June 1, 2015, and a $2500 signing bonus for each employee and a lump-sum payment of an additional $2500 by June 30, 2013.

MoveUP members at Kruger will also benefit from the greater work-life balance afforded by a new vacation supplement of one week after the fifth and tenth years of employment, and two weeks after the fifteenth, twentieth, and twenty-fifth years. In addition, the new collective agreement will enshrine annual vacation entitlements, 13 Statutory Holidays, and maternity/parental leave provisions.

“We also got Kruger to agree that it won’t change or try to erode our members’ pensions for the life of this new agreement, which is reassuring,” said Union Representative Karen Rockwell, “It feels good to know that our members at Kruger are getting a fair deal that recognizes all the dedication and energy they bring to their work every day.”