MoveUP ICBC Members Leaflet Outside Surrey Driver Services Centre

August 9, 2012

MoveUP ICBC Members Leaflet Outside Surrey Driver Services Centre
ICBC Employees Tell BC Drivers: “We Both Deserve Better”

SURREY – Today a handful of MoveUP members will be passing out leaflets to customers outside the Surrey Driver Services Centre as part of ongoing job action and an effort to inform the public about the union members’ issues.

“We’re not preventing people from going in or out,” said MoveUP Vice-President for ICBC, Jeff Gillies, “But we’re giving people a chance to talk to us about how both employees and drivers are being left behind by ICBC.”

The leaflets MoveUP members will be distributing in Surrey and the buttons all across the province will be wearing direct ICBC customers to the MoveUP website (, where they can learn more about how the provincial government is taking $1.2 billion from ICBC profits by 2013. Meanwhile, the site points out, BC drivers haven’t seen a substantial rate reduction since 2005 and employees continue to face ICBC bargaining delays after having been without a contract for over two years.

“What it says on the leaflets and the buttons is ‘We Work. You Drive. We Both Deserve Better’,” said Gillies, “It’s not hard for drivers and employees to see they’re getting a raw deal from ICBC even though they’re the ones who have made it so profitable.”

The job action will take place for one day and Gillies anticipates new leafleting locations will be announced in the coming weeks.


Media Contact: Jarrah Hodge,