MoveUP and BC Fed delegates to Take Back the Power on May 12th

November 27, 2008

Mega Watt and Angela Schira

MoveUP members and staff handed out special edition Take Back the Power buttons early this morning to groggy BC Federation of Labour convention delegates. The buttons were boldly emblazoned with the date May 12th, 2009. The button is in honour of today’s speech by BC NDP leader Carole James’ to the convention assembled.

MoveUP delegates were accompanied by the Take Back the Power mascot, Mega Watt the beaver. Mega Watt helped distribute the special edition buttons, shook hands and gave out hugs to help wake the delegates up and spread excitement about James’ speech.

Much of the discussion throughout the convention has been about the current provincial government’s inability or unwillingness to help working people – from the crisis in the forest industry, to underfunded and overcrowded classrooms, to a stagnant minimum wage, to the assault on our public hydro system. Speaker after speaker came to the microphone to say that BC is in dire need of new leadership and that they have chosen Carole James and the BC NDP.