Letter: Government Raiding ICBC’s Cash

August 25, 2011

Letter to the Editor: Government Raiding ICBC’s Cash

An Adrian Raeside editorial cartoon last week implied that ICBC hands out financial bonuses to its workers freely and without cause.

ICBC employees have worked exceptionally hard and have been a key part of growing ICBC to the profitable corporation it is today. Unfortunately for employees and drivers, the Liberal government clawed back ICBC’s profits into general revenue: $990 million total. Meanwhile, ICBC has increased compensation for body shops, physical therapists, and lawyers. What bonuses the average ICBC workers do receive are comparatively small.

Now B.C. drivers are being told to expect rate hikes when they should be receiving rebates. Drivers have a right to be angry with the way the Liberal government has skimmed the profits that should have gone into rebates. A public auto insurance system is the best way to go, but before it can reach its full potential to serve British Columbians the government needs to stop taking ICBC’s money.

Jeff Gillies
MoveUP Vice-President, ICBC

*Printed in the Times Colonist, Surrey Leader, Grand Forks Gazette, and the Richmond Review