Labour Issues at Athabasca University and Save-On Foods in Alberta

July 4, 2014

The Calgary and District Labour Council has asked us to bring two issues to the attention of our members in Alberta.

1. Athabasca University wants to move its courses from an instructors model, where students can contact their instructor directly, to a call centre model. Many have of us have taken courses at Athabasca University and let’s tell the Administration that students don’t need a call centre they need instructors. For more information please visit:  for more information and how you can help. 

2. The employer-friendly Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC) is trying to raid UFCW 1118 and 401 over their certification of some Safeway stores that were sold to Save-On Foods. UFCW is looking for some help. If you know anyone that works at Save-On Foods, please tell them about the website: Please spread the word and see this flyer for more information.