Labour Day Heralds Change

September 1, 2016

For most people Labour Day signals the end of summer and the advent of fall. Labour Day is a marker of change and seasonal transformation. It is also a celebration of work, all workers and the efforts of the labour movement to make work safer and more rewarding for everyone.

In this time, and in this province, where so many are working so hard yet find it so difficult to get ahead, it is clear that the labour movement’s work is nowhere near done.

We’re told we have a booming economy yet so many of the new jobs added in the last year are part-time or precarious jobs. Costs, including housing, are skyrocketing way past wage increases. In fact, wages are stagnant and pretty low in B.C. compared to most other provinces.

What does this mean, in plain language? More and more people can’t afford to make ends meet in the place they call home.

The provincial government is no help. In fact, they’ve made a lot of decisions that have made this problem worse.

The good news is we don’t have to accept this status quo. The labour movement, through our members, remains a powerful force for change. Together, we can bargain better wages and benefits. Together, we can demand action on affordability. Together, we can help elect a provincial government who will take action on the issues that matter most to British Columbians.

This Labour Day we’re celebrating work and change. Let’s bring that change to government in 2017. 

President David Black