Info for Victoria Members Re: BCTF Pickets

March 6, 2012

MoveUP Members Respect Victoria Picket Lines

BCTF picket lines went up this morning at our 3 ICBC locations and one BC Hydro location in Victoria. We are asking members to respect picket lines. If there is a picket line at your place of work, here are the instructions we are asking you to follow:

  • Do not join the picket line or put on a picket sign.
  • Find your Job Steward and ask him/her what to do. You may be asked to stay close to the worksite or proceed to Centennial Square.
  • EVERYONE head to Centennial Square by 11:00 AM and register with the MoveUP group. Look for the MoveUP flags. Union Rep Kevin Smyth is the designated point person. You must register with the group to be covered by union protection while respecting the picket lines.
  • You will be given further instructions at Centennial Square.

Teachers are facing the same government we bargain with. It’s time to stand together and say an injury to one is an injury to all.


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