Freed Trade Union Activist Juan Linares Sends Thanks

April 11, 2011

MoveUP received a letter of thanks from Juan Linares, the Mexican trade union activist who recently won his freedom after being jailed in 2008. Linares was arrested after returning home from a BC Federation of Labour convention, which he attended as a special guest.

The charges against Linares were dropped during his incarceration, but Linares was not freed until late February, 2011.

Last year MoveUP President Andy Ross was part of a delegation that lobbied the Mexican government for Linares’ release, and asked the Canadian government to apply diplomatic pressure to ensure justice for the trade unionist. (Read about Andy’s visit to Lianres in prison here.) Linares’ release came on the heels of the recent Global Days of Action for trade union rights in Mexico.

Linares wrote:

Without a doubt your solidarity, expressed in thousands of messages to various authorities in Mexico over the past two years, were a factor in my release, as well as the fraternal support demonstrated by my fellow miners metal and steel workers members of our great organization. Both were always very encouraging support during my arbitrary and illegal detention.

Read the full copy of the letter here.

MoveUP is proud to have played a part in demanding – and securing – justice for the brave and resolute man who refused to betray his union, its workers and its leadership.