Delegates Pass Constitutional Fixes

November 15, 2012

Board member Tim Weigelt gave the Constitution and Bylaws Committee Report, which deals with amendments to the constitution. The resolutions were, for the most part, housekeeping changes to address wording issues remaining from the time when the Council and Board elections both took place at the same time. All the resolutions brought forward were passed. Vice-Presidents Heather Lee and Jeff Gillies led the discussion.

Some of the changes that were made were codifying the current Oath of Office for elected union representatives under the MoveUP constitution and removing reference to “Job Steward Elections” since Job Stewards are appointed at any time by the board and are not subject to election. Job Stewards, as is current practice, will receive a bulletin and notice in the mail after each triennial convention, at which time they will be asked to reaffirm their interest in acting as a Job Steward. There is no limit to the number of stewards in a particular worksite.