December 6: A Day of Remembrance, Mourning and Action Against Violence Against Women

December 6, 2011

On the afternoon of December 6, 1989 a man entered L’Ecole Polytechnique with a semi-automatic rifle and shot twenty-eight people. He managed to kill fourteen women in total.

December 6th has since become a National Day of remembrance and action to against violence against women.

The Montreal Massacre, as it came to be known, was the impetus for stronger gun control legislation, including the national gun registry. That registry is in danger of being dismantled and all the valuable information lost.

Please click here to read a letter from Suzanne Laplante-Edward, other of Anne-Marie Edward, one of the female students killed. Ms. Laplante-Edward asks that we write our Members of Parliament and Prime Minister to urge them to keep the registry in place.

On December 6, we must unite to remember all women lost to violence. We must also take action to end the injustice.

We can educate our children.
We can lobby all levels of government for shelter and resource funding.
We can lobby for equality legislation.
We can lobby for gun-control legislation.
We can lobby for workplace violence legislation.
We can participate in anti-violence organizations.
We can raise the issue at the bargaining table.
We can listen.
We can speak out.

In solidarity,

David Black, MoveUP President
Lori Mayhew, MoveUP Secretary-Treasurer