COVID-19: Changes to Employment Insurance, and BC Emergency Funds

March 18, 2020

MoveUP is working hard to try to protect members from disruptions relating to the COVID-19 state of emergency. With some employers, we’ve been able to get agreement to extend leave provisions and adjust schedules to avoid layoffs. Unfortunately, the impact of this emergency is so extensive that some members will have their employment impacted. Some members already have been laid off.

The federal and provincial governments have made some change to assist workers who are laid off as a result of the COVID-19 situation.

Changes to Employment Insurance

On Wednesday, the federal government announced changes to Employment Insurance (EI) eligibility including changing wait times for anyone forced to quarantine or looking after quarantined family members, as well as those dealing with childcare responsibilities if they are unable to work from home. These changes also apply to workers who are facing layoffs due to COVID-19.

The federal government is also extending the eligibility for EI to cover more workers (e.g. part-time workers, self-employed workers, contract workers), and reducing the hours required to qualify.

To find more information and how to apply, click here.

BC Emergency Funds

The provincial government is also aiding citizens impacted by COVID-19 who may not qualify for EI. They are attempting to mitigate the financial implications for citizens of B.C. in various ways. To review and understanding how to access these funds, click here.

This is a stressful time for all of us. Your union is doing all we can to advocate to your employers and do what is best for our members. MoveUP also is committed to ensuring we keep our members informed. Please check our website, and our social media channels on Twitter and Facebook, regularly for updates.