Confronting the Crisis: An Economy that Really Works for BC

November 26, 2009

The theme of this year’s BC Federation of Labour was Confronting the Crisis: An Economy that Really Works for BC.

Two discussion papers were prepared for the convention, which delegates had an opportunity to review, discuss, and debate in workshops held throughout the day on Tuesday.

The papers each looked, respectively, at the private and public sectors. Prepared by Robert Ages, the paper focusing on the private sector is titled BC’s Private Sector in Transition – Steering the Pursuit of Profit to Public Benefit – Good Jobs & Good Wages in a Sustainable Economy, and is available for download here.

The paper focusing on the public sector was written by Will McMartin and Iglika Ivanova and was titled BC’s Public Sector at the Dawn of the 21st Century – Re-investing in a Strong and Dynamic Public Sector to Benefit all British Columbians. The second paper is also available for download here.

Both papers mark a thorough and independent analysis of the impacts of the current economic crisis, and the transitions that the public and private sectors are experiencing as the world wide economy changes. Alongside this analysis are a series of recomendations and actions that working people, unions, the Federation, and progressive policy makers are encouraged to use.