Canada Revenue Agency Questions About Your Union Dues

August 7, 2014

Some members have contacted the union office after the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) contacted them regarding the dues claimed on their 2013 income tax return.

If you are contacted by the CRA about the dues you claimed as part of your income tax last year, provide them your T4 slip(s). Your T4 shows the amount of union dues your employer deducted from your salary and submitted to MoveUP for the tax year indicated. This should satisfy any CRA inquiries into your union dues.

If the CRA asks for proof of which union your dues were paid to, contact the payroll department of your employer and request a brief letter stating that they remitted the dues to MoveUP in 2013 on your behalf. MoveUP does not issue receipts as proof of dues payment.

Union dues and professional association fees are tax deductible. At 1.5 per cent of total earnings, MoveUP’s dues are lower than most Canadian unions.