BCNU Staff Spotlight – Cindy Paton

September 7, 2016

What do BCNU support staff do for the hardworking nurses of BC? Meet Cindy…

Cindy is a graphic designer in the communications department and has worked at BCNU for 10 years. When nurses need ads, posters or campaign materials, it’s designers like Cindy who make them look professional and easy to read.

“It was very hurtful when BCNU leaders locked us out to impose contract rollbacks on the staff,” says Cindy. “BCNU leaders wouldn’t accept rollbacks for nurses so the union’s employees shouldn’t accept them either.”

The staff lockout/strike isn’t over because BCNU leaders haven’t offered administrative and technical employees a ‘no rollbacks’ contract.

“I miss working to help nurses improve their practice conditions so I hope you’ll support us to get a fair contract,” says Cindy. “Tell BCNU leaders to take rollbacks off the table.”

Tell BCNU leaders to stand up for their values and walk the talk by negotiating a fair contract with MoveUP.