BCNU Staff Spotlight – Andrea

September 22, 2016

What do BCNU support staff do for the hard-working nurses of BC? Meet Andrea…

Andrea works in the finance department and has been at BCNU for 5 years. She reimburses members for their expenses, administers education bursaries and assists with the Evelyn Hood Benevolent Fund.

“Some of the bursaries go to single parents who are struggling to make ends meet,” she says. “It saddens me that given the circumstances I can’t be at work making a difference for these members.”

“Being a new mom, it’s important that I can provide for my family. What management is taking away from us is exactly what they fight for to provide for their members. Does my family not matter too?”

 “I miss the hugs and thank-yous from nurses when they get their bursaries,” says Andrea. “Please tell BCNU leaders to take rollbacks off the table and let me get back to work.”

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