BCAA Lockout Threat Puts Summer Road Trips at Risk

June 8, 2015

For Immediate Release


Roadside Assistance May Be Delayed, Union Warns

BURNABY – On Friday, June 5, BCAA issued lockout notice to its staff responsible for dispatching tow truck drivers at BCAA Emergency Roadside Assistance. Their lockout could begin as early as 4:00 p.m. on Monday, June 8, 2015. The Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union Local 378 (MoveUP), which represents the BCAA ERS employees, is concerned that a lockout would result in chaos and delays for stranded drivers, just as the summer road trip season is starting.

“BCAA is putting their customers in the middle. By threatening their employees with a lockout they are also threatening their customers with service delays, and at a time of year when families are taking road trips and want to know they’re covered if their car breaks down,” said Heather Lee, MoveUP Vice-President.

MoveUP represents approximately 70 members in the contact centre at BCAA Emergency Roadside Services. They are responsible for receiving roadside assistance calls and dispatching tow truck drivers to assist BCAA members. The union gave notice of limited job action last week, in an attempt to pressure BCAA without impacting customers. On Friday, they wore hats to work in violation of the BCAA dress code. Almost immediately, BCAA threatened a lockout.

“Right now our members are making the same wage as people doing the same work for BCAA’s car-sharing company, but working five hours longer every week. BCAA is not treating them fairly,” Lee added.

Everyone else with similar jobs at BCAA works a 35-hour week, including the EVO employees, who do very similar work and are paid the same, despite working five hours less each week.

“Many people join BCAA because of the great service members receive. BCAA doesn’t seem to recognize the important and high-quality of service our members provide to their customers, and by threatening a lockout they are also taking their customers for granted,” Lee said.

The contract between MoveUP and BCAA-ERS expired in September 2014.


Media Contact: Jarrah Hodge, 604-299-0378, jhodge@moveuptogether.ca