AMS Security Union Files Additional Charges in Unfair Labour Practice Complaint Against Employer

March 2, 2012

AMS Security Union Files Additional Charges in Unfair Labour Practice Complaint Against Employer
MoveUP Says Security Supervisor Discriminated Against due to Union Involvement

VANCOUVER – Today the Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union, Local 378, filed additional charges in its Unfair Labour Practice Complaint with the Labour Relations Board on behalf of an AMS Security worker. The complaint asserts that the AMS has breached three sections of the Labour Relations Code by discriminating against a security worker, Irfan Reayat, without cause in an attempt to intimidate him and other union members.

“Mr. Reayat is a member of the UBC community,” said MoveUP Organizer Dave McPherson, “He’s supporting two small children and working his way through an LLM program at UBC Law School by working for AMS and UBC Security. Unfortunately, the Alma Mater Society has singled him out as a target for intimidation because of his involvement with a union.”

Since Mr. Reayat became involved with the drive to unionize the AMS Security workers, who are paid significantly less than their counterparts doing security work elsewhere on campus, he has been subject to a pattern of harassment, including unfair discipline and an attempt to demote him by taking away his supervisory duties and eliminating his position from the bargaining unit.

“This is more than just unfair,” said McPherson, “The Labour Relations Code prevents employers from using their power to intimidate workers who are involved with the union. The AMS overlooked or ignored this when they tried to provoke Mr. Reayat into ceasing his union activities and send a message of intimidation to the other AMS security workers.”

MoveUP’s complaint asks that the LRB order the AMS to remove the unfair letters of discipline from Mr. Reayat’s file and to cease their attempt to post and fill a non-union supervisory position similar to Mr. Reayat’s. They are also seeking an order that the AMS not alter any terms or conditions of employment for any bargaining unit employees for 60 days to ensure no further harassment occurs.

AMS Security workers will also be taking a strike vote on Monday in response to the continued impasse in negotiations with the AMS.


Media Contact: Jarrah Hodge