Election 2024

General elections are held every three years for MoveUP’s executive board members and officers. The positions open for election are the president, secretary-treasurer, and executive board members. These positions will all be elected for a three-year term ending in the fall of 2027.

The election period is from June 24 to July 15, 2024. All voting will be conducted online. This page is your one-stop source for information including how to run for a position, candidate bio information, and information on how to vote. This page will be updated as more information becomes available.

We are committed to making the voting process simple, cost-efficient, and accessible so that all members have a chance to participate in the democratic process.

Election results

The results from the 2024 MoveUP Executive Board election are available here.

What constituency do I belong to?

Click here to see all the workplaces sorted by constituencies.

Who is running and for what positions?

An email bulletin was sent to all members on June 4 listing all the contested positions going to a vote. See further down this page for the Candidate Guide.

How do I vote?

All voting is conducted online on the Member Portal. To vote, simply log in to the Member Portal and you will see the options to vote on the screen. As a member in good standing, you are eligible to cast your vote for president, secretary-treasurer, as well as for the executive board members representing the constituency you belong in.

If you were a member in good standing as of June 20, you are eligible to vote. All voting takes place on the Member Portal. If you have not set up your account yet, you can do so by referring to our online guide or watch the tutorial videos for more information. You will need your membership number and your personal email address to create an account. If you do not have your membership number, click here.

VOTE OPENS: 8:30 a.m. PT on June 24, 2024

VOTE CLOSES: 4:30 p.m. PT on July 15, 2024

Election Candidate Guide

The Election Candidate Guide is available here.

The Election Candidate Guide contains photos and bios of candidates who are running for an executive board position. The photos and bios were submitted directly by candidates and are not edited in any way. The word limit for bios is 150 words. Bios that exceed 150 words have been cut off at the 150-word mark.

The Election Candidate Guide is part of an insert that will appear in the hardcopy Summer 2024 Local Voice magazine which all members receive in the mail.

Who is eligible to run?

Any MoveUP member in good standing is eligible to run for an executive board position, as per our constitution. Candidates and nominators must be members of MoveUP in good standing.

Job Descriptions

Want to know what the president, secretary-treasurer, vice-presidents, and executive board members are responsible for? Click here to see the job descriptions.

Note: Vice-presidents for the three respective components (ICBC, Utilities, and Combined Units) will be elected by delegates at MoveUP’s Convention. A candidate must be on the executive board in order to run for vice-president.

Does MoveUP endorse candidates?

MoveUP does not endorse candidates for any union elections. Candidates are permitted to reach out to their constituents as part of their campaigning. However, they are reminded NOT to inappropriately use MoveUP’s branding in those messages. This includes, but is not limited to, sending messages that appear like MoveUP bulletins.

When will we know the results of the election?

A results bulletin notifying candidates who have been acclaimed as well as which positions and/or what constituencies may be going to a vote will be posted to the membership on June 17, 2024.

The results of any required votes will be announced once the Returning Officer has been able to count and verify the results.