Workers deserve fair wages

Let @HastingsRaces and @GRTCanadian know on Twitter that their workers deserve fair wages by using the hashtag #NotSoGreatCanadian. Don’t let Great Canadian exploit their employees.

Show your support. Join our #NotSoGreatCanadian Facebook Group and leave your message of support for workers at Hastings Racecourse & Casino who are simply looking for a fair wage.

Latest updates

Strike Committee Meeting
Hastings proposes signing bonus to settle dispute (Feb. 16)

#NotSoGreatCanadian campaign

Great Canadian Gaming is making 100s of millions yet won’t pay fair wages for workers so we’re asking you to be a great Canadian and stand up for workers by not supporting their casinos and tracks this month #NotSoGreatCanadian

When we think of qualities that define a great Canadian, refusing to pay workers a fair wage isn’t one of them – but that’s exactly what Great Canadian Gaming is doing while making 100s of millions. This month don’t gamble at Great Canadian Casinos: Hastings Racecourse & Casino, River Rock Casino Resort, Hard Rock Casino Vancouver, Elements Casino or View Royal Casino. #NotSoGreatCanadian

Who won the #NotSoGreatCanadian award of the year? Great Canadian Gaming makes 100s of millions without paying workers a living wage.

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