Vegetation Coordinators Letter Writing Campaign

It is important for your employer to know how damaging their decision to create two new job descriptions is to morale, respect, and cooperation among employees: Distribution Vegetation Maintenance Coordinator and Transmission Vegetation Maintenance Coordinator

It has been the employer’s choice to exclude Vegetation Maintenance Coordinators from making meaningful and thoughtful contributions to the job descriptions.

Even though there are no significant differences in work done by either of the new positions, the employer has elected to evaluate these positions differently. The employer has determined that employees working within the distribution system exercise significantly less judgement and responsibility.

Prior to the employer’s creation of the new jobs, the employer did not provide Vegetation Maintenance employees nor our union with a transparent explanation as to why the judgement of distribution coordinators is valued so much less than a similar judgement exercised by transmission coordinators.

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Thank you for taking part in our letter writing campaign.