The Fred Trotter Memorial Scholarship Fund is a non-profit charitable trust established in 1993 in memory of a past president of our local.

The Fund is administered by a Board of Trustees consisting of the President, a Vice-President, and the Secretary-Treasurer of MoveUP.

The Fund has been established for the exclusive purpose of awarding non-repayable educational bursaries and/or scholarships for the purpose of continuing their education in the field of labour advocacy.


17 years of age or older who are qualified and interested in taking further education in the field of labour advocacy.

Application Criteria:

Applicants must submit

  1. Proof of acceptance into an educational course or program that has a main focus on labour advocacy; and
  2. A completed application form.

Note: the Trustees may choose to ask for additional information once all applications have been received. The applicant will be contacted directly and given adequate time to provide such additional information, if required.

Selection Process:

The Board of Trustees has the final say as to who shall receive bursaries and/or scholarships from this Fund.

Available Scholarships and/or Bursaries:

Each year, the Board of Trustees determines the number and amount of bursaries and/or scholarships that will be available.

The Trustees will establish this figure after reviewing the financial health of the Fund.

Selections for bursaries and/or scholarships will be made once annually with application deadlines being 4:30 p.m. on the last business day of May.

Deadline to apply: May 31, 2024

This form has now expired. Please stay tuned for the 2025 submission dates.