FortisBC & FortisBC-CSC – Make sure you register on our Member Portal

February 24, 2023

To: All MoveUP members at FBC & FBC-CSC

If you are receiving this email, it means you may have been identified as a MoveUP member who currently does not have an active Member Portal profile.

This year is a bargaining year for your union and your employer at FortisBC & FortisBC – CSC. When the time comes to vote for a new agreement, it will take place on MoveUP’s Member Portal and we want to make sure you are able to have your say on the new collective agreement.

Registering on the Member Portal

All ratification voting will take place on MoveUP’s Member Portal. Once you have created a Member Portal profile you will have access to voting platforms as well as other important information related to your MoveUP membership. You will also be able to:

  • Verify and update your contract information
  • Check on the status of any active personal grievances
  • Check on the status of any workplace-wide grievances (also known as policy grievances)
  • Find sensitive communication pieces or tools that are not shared on the public website

To get started, click here to learn more about setting up your Member Portal profile. You can also watch these short tutorial videos to learn more about setting up your profile.

If you have any difficulties creating a profile, please contact our Membership Department at membership@moveuptogether.ca.

In solidarity,

April Young, Union Representative
Paul Voykin, Union Representative

File Number: 23-FBC-BLTN- Member Portal
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